Statement from IBSA Executive Director Nate Adams on the signing of HB40

ib2newseditor —  September 29, 2017

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A statement from Nate Adams, Executive Director of the Illinois Baptist State Association, on the signing of HB40 by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner:

I join with Illinois Baptists and many others in Illinois who stand for the unborn in expressing great disappointment with the action of Governor Bruce Rauner on Illinois House Bill 40. Taxpayers’ money should not be used to fund abortions in any circumstance.

In signing this bill, Governor Rauner has abandoned his earlier promises to pro-life representatives that he would veto the bill, thereby protecting the most defenseless in our culture and preventing state funding of abortions through Medicaid and the state employees’ health insurance plan.

Although Rauner stated his abortion rights position in his 2014 campaign, he promised recently that he would not support this flawed legislation.

Illinois Baptists continue to support the rights of the unborn with ministry actions and public resolutions opposing abortion and the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized it. Illinois Baptists are committed to ministry that preserves life and supports young women who find themselves in problematic pregnancies through the outstanding work of the Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services. And hundreds IBSA churches and pastors teach a biblical view of life and counsel wise decisions by families that affirm life.

I’m sure Baptists in Illinois will be letting Governor Rauner know how deeply distressing his action is to people who revere God-given life.

Executive Director Nate Adams’ statement on the signing of HB40 – PDF version


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4 responses to Statement from IBSA Executive Director Nate Adams on the signing of HB40


    I am a dedicated conservative and voted for Rauner as the “lesser of two evils” If the Democrats or any other group run anyone who is the least bit conservative with Christian values I will vote for him or her next election. How can we as an organization make our collective voice be heard?



    If you are a member of one of our SBC and did not take the time to contact the governor before his decision, you should be ashamed of yourself. My heart grieves for this decision and the fact that our money will continue to support this horrible killing of the unborn.



      Glenna, you are right but sound somewhat judgmental. There may be several reasons why someone did not contact the Governor. I will not bother trying to explain myself since i only answer to my Lord. I do appreciate your strong antiabortion/pro-life stance.



        Not being judgmental. Just saying that if just set back and do nothing, you have done nothing. That is how you do something as an organization. Call or write and let them know where you stand.