Mission Illinois Offering Week of Prayer Devotion Day 2: Meeting Jesus at Camp

Lisa Misner —  September 10, 2018

Every summer, IBSA’s two camp facilities are beehives of activity as hundreds of children and teens converge over multiple weeks. The gospel is shared, young people come to know Jesus, and many grow as disciples and leaders. It’s a life-changing experience. Lake Sallateeska celebrated 75 years as IBSA’s southern facility. And Streator Baptist Camp, serving the northern churches, has undergone a terrific renovation in the past two years.

Pray for camp managers Philip Hall and Mike Young and their staffs. And pray for the many people who encounter Christ at camp.

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Watch “Lake Sallateeska celebrates 75 years”


Lisa Misner


Lisa is IBSA Director of Communications. A Missouri native, she has served at IBSA for 21 years.