Mission Illinois Offering: Devotion Day 4

ib2newseditor —  September 13, 2017

Soul-Winning Churches

Pat Pajak praying

Pat Pajak can share Jesus with anyone anywhere, even the rehab unit where he recovered from heart surgery. He tells how he was able to share Bibles and the gospel with nurses who cared for him during his recovery. Pat is a terrific example. This beloved pastor from central Illinois has served in a several capacities with IBSA. Now Pat is leading evangelism training, and helping churches and pastors grow as witnesses. Pat will train more than 200 churches this year, and develop an evangelism network with over 100 pastors.

At least two-thirds of the people in Illinois do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The need for believers to boldly share their faith has never been greater. IBSA has made advancing the gospel the main reason for all we do.

Pray for Pat, Sylvan Knobloch, and for IBSA churches to grow in personal evangelism.

Learn more about the Mission Illinois Offering.

Give to the Offering. If your church promotes and receives a Mission Illinois Offering, we encourage you to give that way. If not, you can also give here — www.IBSA.org/GiveToMIO.

Watch Pajak’s story, “Sharing Jesus – Everywhere.”