Mission Illinois Offering: Devotion Day 3

ib2newseditor —  September 12, 2017

Church Planting in Chicago


Bryan and Marci Coble relocated far from their downstate home. Their new neighborhood in Chicago, Irving Park, is seven times larger than Marci’s hometown, with 77,000 people. The variety of people and languages there is amazing. They are engaged in church planting activities to meet the neighbors and form a core group for a new church. First they will start a Bible study at the community center in the park, followed within a few months by weekly worship services. With the partnership of their home church, IBSA, and national missions partners, the Cobles are committed to sharing Christ in our state’s largest mission field. Acts 1:8 missions strategy starts at home, and moves on to the big cities nearby, such as Chicago.

Pray for the Cobles, for more church planters in Chicagoland with its 10 million residents, and for Dennis Conner, Tim Bailey, John Yi, and Jorge Melendez who lead IBSA’s church planting strategy there.

Learn more about the Mission Illinois Offering.

Give to the Offering. If your church promotes and receives a Mission Illinois Offering, we encourage you to give that way. If not, you can also give here — www.IBSA.org/GiveToMIO.

Watch the Coble’s story, “A Heart for the City.”