Meat me in St. Louie

ib2newseditor —  June 3, 2016

Embrace you inner foodie and sample some of the best food St. Louis has to offer while in town for the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention.

Food Firsts | All these became popular at the 1904 World’s Fair  

DrPepperIn 1804, Thomas Jefferson signed a check for the expansive Louisiana Purchase, and Lewis and Clark started their march from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. A short 100 years later at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, the way was paved for the most American of all discoveries, fast food. And franchises.

TedDrewesVisitors to the Centennial expo sampled hamburgers, hot dogs in a bun, ice cream in a cone, and Dr. Pepper—all for the first time. While you’re in St. Louis, try some of the region’s current specialties.

Turn that cup upside down! Ted Drewes famous custard is so thick, it won’t move even when inverted. Others have copied the concept. Ted has 3 locations.

Top Dog | Here are winners from The Feast magazine list

Carlos’ Hot Dogs | 6th and Olive, Downtown
Portugal Native Carlos Periera serves up jumbo dogs to a happy lunchtime crowd. They’re grilled and topped with his mama’s secret sauce. The dogs, that is, not the crowd.

Dogs ‘n Frys | 503 Paul Avenue, Florissant
Of his 27 specialty dogs, owner Mo Mangal’s favorite is the PB&J dog with bacon.

HotDogWoofie’s Hot Dogs | 1919 Woodson Rd., Overland
If you’re missing your beloved Chicago-style dog, Woofie has it, even made with the real deal Vienna Beef. It’s called “the hot dog with dignity.”

Steve’s Hot Dogs | 2131 Marconi Ave., St. Louis
Musician Steve Ewing has a thriving second career peddling his famous hickory smoked, then grilled dogs.Tops on the list is the Gorilla Mac & Cheese dog (pictured).

Ribs and more | As recommended by Baptists who are hearty eaters

Pappy’s Smokehouse | 3106 Olive Street (about 2 miles from the Convention Center)
Best ribs our reviewer has ever had (and she’s from Memphis). The only drawback is that you might wait in line an hour or two.

Fitz’s | 6605 Delmar Boulevard (about 8 miles from Convention Center, but worth the trip)
Known for root beer (they make it right there) and other sodas, the restaurant is diner-y and family-friendly.

Crown Candy Kitchen | 1401 St. Louis Ave. (less than 2 miles from Convention Center)
Famous for candy, ice cream, and chili.

TheHillThe Hill
There are 52 restaurants in this Italian-American neighborhood. It’s the place to go for pasta. Take I-64 (Highway 40 West) to Kings Highway South. Exit on Shaw and follow your nose.