The Briefing: Percentage of Christians remains high, abortions fall 28%, IL funeral home to serve alcohol

Lisa Misner —  December 29, 2015

The BriefingPercentage of Christians in US remains high
About 75% of Americans still identify as Christians, after a 5% drop since 2008, according to a new Gallup poll, which also shows that the number of those having no formal religious identification has increased by 5%, amounting to 20%.

Abortions in Illinois fall by 28%
The Illinois Department of Public Health released its data from 2014 showing that the abortion rate for minors fell by nearly 28% from the year prior, representing over 500 lives. The Mauck & Baker Law Firm in Chicago attributes those numbers to the state’s newly-enacted parental notification law.

Chicago area funeral home to serve alcohol
Last week, the village board in Wheeling, IL approved the creation of a new liquor license allowing Kolssak Funeral Home to serve alcohol during funerals and wakes. “Right now we’re pioneering, we’re out there looking far out, thinking these things could change the life celebrations at a funeral home,” David Kolssak said. “The spirit of this is not to do nothing but help people at a time of need.”

Iranian pastor Fathi freed from prison
Iranian pastor Farshid Fathi has been freed after five years imprisonment in Tehran because of charges linked to his Christian faith, Middle East Concern announced Dec. 22, estimating nearly 100 Christians remain imprisoned there.

Illinois is the biggest loser
New data released by the U.S. Census bureau showed that in terms of domestic migration — people moving about within the United States — Illinois saw roughly 105,200 more people leave than arrive. Even when offset by a gain of more than 37,600 by way of international migration, Illinois still ended up about 67,500 in the negative column.

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Lisa Misner


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