MIO Devotions: Day 7 People Groups

Lisa Misner —  September 19, 2015

This is the Week of Prayer for the Mission Illinois Offering. Pray for our missionaries and that we will reach the $475,000 statewide offering goal.

Nearly one out of every seven Illinois residents is an immigrant to the United States. Nowhere is cultural diversity more evident than in Chicagoland: 53% Anglo, 22% Hispanic, 18% African American and 7% Asian/ Pacific Islander.

The metro area is also home to a large number of second-generation churches and church plants—congregations reaching out to the children of immigrants.

Pray: For John Yi, an IBSA church planting catalyst in Chicago, as he works with second generation churches who are doing the challenging work of sharing the gospel across cultural boundaries.

Pray also for church planters working to start congregations to reach the state’s numerous people groups, from Effingham, where Tony Munoz helps start new churches among the Hispanic population, to Chicagoland, where planters including Eric Aidoo (Bolingbrook), Cody Lorance (Aurora) and Zhenjun Wang (Clarendon Hills) seek to reach West Africans and East Asians.

Take time to pray today

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Lisa Misner


Lisa is IBSA Social Media/Public Policy Manager. A Missouri native, she earned a Master of Arts in Communications from the University of Illinois. Her writing has received awards from the Baptist Communicators Association and the Evangelical Press Association.