Ronnie Floyd on the SBC’s declining baptisms

Lisa Misner —  June 9, 2014

Ronnie Floyd Floyd on SBC's declining baptismsBaltimore | “Some of us have a heart to be so real with people that we just think if we’re cool enough, we’re going to get [the numbers]. We’re never going to be cool enough to win our towns, our rural settings, to win our cities, to win the nation, to win the world, to win the nations. We’re never going to be cool enough; the only thing that’s going to bring that is a binding movement of the spirit of God that comes only when we are going up to be with God.”

– Ronnie Floyd, SBC presidential nominee and senior pastor of Cross Church in northwest Arkansas, speaks during the 2014 Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference June 8-9 at the Baltimore Convention Center. (BP photo)

Lisa Misner


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