One pastor’s vision for the next IMB president

Meredith Flynn —  June 4, 2014

O’Fallon, Ill. | An Illinois pastor has prescribed three goals – and one new project – for the next president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

In a May 24 blog post, FBC O’Fallon Pastor Doug Munton said choosing who will replace current President Tom Elliff is “perhaps the most important decision that will be made in the Southern Baptist Convention for years to come.” Elliff, 70, asked IMB trustees in February to begin looking for his successor.

Munton said the next president should focus on making the IMB effective and efficient, and on providing the organization with energy. “Missionaries are great, but they can become discouraged,” he wrote. “Keep them focused on the life-giving energy of time spent with the Lord in daily devotions.  Remind them often of the joy of the Lord.”

Lastly, Munton asked the IMB’s next leader to begin an IMB Endowment of $20 billion. Harvard University has an endowment of more than $30 billion, he said, so why shouldn’t the Southern Baptist agency have a similar goal? “With all due respect to Harvard, our job is bigger and greater.”

The revenue stream would allow the IMB to send more missionaries and would serve as a buffer against a tumultuous market, he said. “Encourage every Southern Baptist to leave the IMB in their will,” Munton advised. “Thousands would respond to that plea. Thousands and thousands.”

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Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.