Creating a work of worship

Meredith Flynn —  April 10, 2014

potteryHarrisburg, Ill. chalk_art| Worship in a sanctuary is usually reserved for church days. But on a recent Friday morning at First Baptist in Harrisburg, a handful of people focused on Jesus as artist Libby Morecraft turned a 75-pound mound of clay into a sculpture of his face.

She demonstrated her skills for the Easter issue of the Illinois Baptist (online here), but sculpture is just one part of the outreach she calls “Work of Art Ministries.” She also uses pottery and chalk art to lead people in worship during services, conferences and retreats. Libby, who’s married to Saline Association director of missions Rusty Morecraft, recently led during the annual IBSA Ministers’ Wives’ Retreat.

Check out how the sculpture came to life in the slideshow below, and go to the Work of Art Ministries Facebook page for more on her work.


Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.