A Christmas Devotional Journey: Week 2

Meredith Flynn —  December 9, 2013

Christmas_bannerWeek 2: Caravan heads to ‘nowhere’

Read Matthew 2:7-11

How hollow is Herod’s declaration that he wants to worship the new king, especially knowing the murder he harbored in his heart. His whole lifestyle is threatened by a mewling babe. Herod is only a half-Jew, an Edomite, and his reign on the throne of David is
illegitimate in the eyes of his subjects.

So when Herod says he wants to come see the newborn monarch, we know he has no intention to bow before his replacement.

In stark contrast, the royal advisors from the East worship even before they see him. They are like Abraham and Moses and others who believed in God’s Promise, even without seeing the Christ. The Magi rejoice when the star appears over Jesus’ birthplace, even before they set eyes on the Child. They rejoice “with exceeding great joy.”

The Magi celebrate the promise; then they bow before its fulfillment. They give him gifts fit for a king.

Pray Lord, help me to be a true worshiper this Christmas, setting nothing above You. Let me celebrate the Promise of God, even before I see its fulfillment.

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Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.