Mission Illinois Week of Prayer: Day 3

Meredith Flynn —  September 17, 2013

MIO_blogDAY 3: Watch “Help Others”

The cheerful woman in a yellow shirt will willingly wield a hammer, turn a shovel, or push a wheelbarrow. But if those tasks are covered, she would rather be talking. Mostly she talks about Jesus.

As a Disaster Relief chaplain, Jan is a vital member of the team on the scene after storm clouds pass and flood waters subside. Every DR team has a chaplain who focuses on devastated homeowners while other workers “mud out” their devastated houses. “The owner of the little white house was saved today,” Jan reported from a flood site in Peoria in May.

IBSA supports SBC’s Disaster Relief, the nation’s third largest relief agency, with 1,600 volunteers and Rex Alexander, the IBSA staff member who trains and deploys them.

Read: Jonah 1:17-2:10; Isaiah 61:1

Think: What does Jonah’s prayer show us about the needs of people in distress? How shall we pray for them?

Pray for 1,600 Baptists from Illinois who are trained as Disaster Relief workers. Pray for the chaplains on each team who share the Gospel with hurting people, while other workers cook, clean, and rebuild after crisis.

Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.