Easter Week Devotional Guide: Day 6

Meredith Flynn —  March 29, 2013

Step by Step: Following Jesus from the Palms Parade to the Resurrection

EasterDay 6: Good Friday, March 29
The Crucifixion (Matthew 27:32-54)

For the first moment in all eternity, Jesus finds himself alone. He has enjoyed the community of his Father and the Holy Spirit always. But here, after six hours being tortured to death for our sin, Jesus feels fully how sin separates defiled humans from the holy God. Darkness covers the bald hillside of his execution, and he cries out, Why have you forsaken me?

His words, mistaken for a plea to Elijah, are actually the first verse of Psalm 22. With these few words, Jesus invokes the entire Psalm whose 31 verses perfectly describe his death: “I am poured out like water…They pierced my hands and my feet…for my clothing they cast lots.”

At Calvary, Jesus, alone, bears our sins. Until our sins kill him.

Father, we would be alone to die for our sins, were it not for the self-sacrifice of your Son, Jesus. Thank you that because of his death in our place, you are not forced to turn away from us.

Devotion by Eric Reed, artwork by Kerry Jackson


Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.