Easter Week Devotional Guide: Day 4

Meredith Flynn —  March 27, 2013

Step by Step: Following Jesus from the Palms Parade to the Resurrection

EasterDay 4: Silent Wednesday, March 27
Time for contemplation (Matthew 24:1-14, 36-44)

What were the disciples doing at mid-week? This day is noteworthy for the absence of events assigned to it by Scripture. But after Jesus’ bold prophecies the day before, the disciples must have been asking themselves why their teacher was talking about the destruction of the temple and the end of the world.

His end-times sermon on Olive mountain was framed with memorable illustrations:  the greening fig tree, the procrastinating butler, the silly bridesmaids, and the fortune stuffed in the mattress.

But nestled among these parables were the reasons for his lessons on urgency: every people will hear the Gospel (v. 14) and then the Lord will return (v. 42).

Would the disciples live accordingly? Will we?

Lord, help us share the Gospel before time runs out. We want our neighbors and family – and ourselves – to be ready for your return.

Devotion by Eric Reed, artwork by Kerry Jackson


Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.