Easter Week Devotional Guide: Day 2

Meredith Flynn —  March 25, 2013

EasterStep by Step: Following Jesus from the Palms Parade to the Resurrection

Day 2: Monday, March 24
Spring cleaning (Matthew 21:12-22)

Jesus created such a commotion that every pilgrim in Jerusalem must have been talking about it. Who would disrupt the holy transactions? Weren’t the bank tellers swapping Caesar’s money for acceptable temple coins to give their offerings? Weren’t the sellers offering animals for sacrifice? “We couldn’t come all this way with lambs under our arms?” some travelers might mutter.

“Who does he think he is!” the tongues likely wagged.

After the ruckus, Jesus and the disciples overnighted a few miles away in Bethany, possibly at home of the resurrected Lazarus.

Returning to Jerusalem the next day, Jesus cursed the fig tree. At first it seems unfair to the tree, but this action says it all: even good things become bad when they are unfruitful. Rituals are offensive when they replace the faith they are intended to aid. Anything that robs God of worship must be driven out.

Lord, we all could use some spring cleaning now. Examine me, Lord, and wipe away anything that prevents me from worshiping you.

Devotion by Eric Reed, artwork by Kerry Jackson

Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.