Prayer vigil Thursday for traditional marriage at the Capitol

Meredith Flynn —  March 6, 2013
BATTLING BUTTONS - People for and against same-sex marriage in Illinois are wearing their opinions this winter.

BATTLING BUTTONS – On both sides of the same-sex marriage issue, people are wearing their opinions this winter.

Springfield | Lisa Sergent

Sponsors of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage continue to push for its passage in the Illinois State House, while at the same time defenders of traditional marriage rally against the bill.

Led by a Chicago pastor who plans to bring several busloads of protesters to Springfield, organizers will stage a prayer vigil on the steps of the State Capitol at 10:30 Thursday morning. They also hope to meet with several key legislative leaders, including those who have yet to decide how they will vote on SB10. Pastors and leaders from across the state are invited to attend.

SB 10 the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act,” would legalize same-sex marriage in Illinois. Illinois legalized civil unions in the state two years ago.

Christian leaders throughout the state are concerned that this bill will not only legalize same-sex marriage, but also infringe upon the religious liberty of all Christians in Illinois.

The Illinois Senate voted Feb. 14 to pass SB 10, while the House Executive Committee voted to pass the bill to the floor Feb. 26. The bill must have a have a full majority to pass. If the House does pass the bill, Governor Quinn has stated he will sign it into law.

Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.