Illinois House committee will consider same-sex marriage bill today

Meredith Flynn —  February 26, 2013

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Members of the House Executive Committee will vote today on whether to send the same-sex marriage bill SB 10, officially known as the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act”, to a vote on the House floor. Approval by a majority of the House members would be the final step before Gov. Pat Quinn signs the law, making Illinois the tenth state to allow same-sex marriages.

The committee action today culminates two busy weeks in which the State Senate passed the legislation Valentine’s Day by a vote of 34 to 21, with two Senators voting present. Opponents of same-sex marriage, including some from IBSA churches, were present during the Senate vote, and later at a marriage rally and “lobby day” at the Capitol.

This is important for me today simply because it’s God’s will as Scripture tells us that marriage consists of one man and one woman,” said Don Full, pastor of Havana Southern Baptist Church. “I’m here to support that part of my faith and the doctrine that God has established for the home.”

Christian leaders are discussing their next steps before the House vote, and have expressed doubts that the religious liberties of churches will be protected, should Illinois legalize same-sex marriage. Some say the marriage bill could result in a “chilling effect” as churches seek to do effective ministry in their communities.

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Reported by Lisa Sergent

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Meredith Flynn


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