2012 IBSA Pastors’ Conference begins

Meredith Flynn —  November 13, 2012

DECATUR, Ill. | Pastor Wes Feltner of Tabernacle Baptist Church kicked off the annual IBSA Pastors’ Conference with a message from Genesis 50.

“Do you believe in the reality that your life and circumstances of your ministry [are] absolutely working toward a divine purpose that maybe you can’t see right now,” Felter asked the audience of pastors and their families. Teaching on the life of Joseph, who was betrayed by his own family, sold into slavery, and wrongly accused and imprisoned, Feltner exhorted his listeners to remember that ministry brings a mix of blessing and bitterness.

“Church life is a carousel of victory and defeat. That’s Joseph’s life, that is his ministry and I daresay many of us can relate to that.”

But Joseph’s example says we can stay faithful despite the worst persecution and frustration, Feltner said. Here’s what Joseph knew that you and I must know if we’re going to remain sane in this thing called ministry: God always works it for good.”

Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.