What’s in a (hurricane’s) name?

Meredith Flynn —  August 30, 2012

COMMENTARY | Southern Seminary’s Russell Moore blogged about home and hurricane names as Isaac waged war on the Gulf Coast. Isaac means “laughter,” and as Abraham’s promised son, isn’t his name more fitting for a joyous occasion than a hurricane? Moore writes:

Hurricane Ishmael, now that would be more appropriate, I think to myself. Ishmael is, after all, the son of exile, the son of the “will of the flesh” seeking to accomplish God’s work on its own.

But, the more I think of it, maybe Isaac is the right name. Isaac’s story, after all, seems horrific and tragic. In order for Abraham to receive God’s blessing, he must lay on the altar every hope that he can see of being blessed: including God’s promise of this son. God doesn’t accept that sacrifice, we know. But Isaac ultimately dies, and so do all of his children. And, in the biblical story, erased also is the very Promised Land itself. The people of God are left without patriarchs, without kings, and without even the security of home.

As I watch the hurricane Isaac bounce around the weather maps, that’s what I fear, I suppose: the loss of home.

Read his full post at RussellMoore.com.

Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.