On our way home, see you soon!

Lisa Misner —  June 21, 2012
Your team of IB reporters

Your team of IB reporters.

Thank you for reading our coverage of the 2012 Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference and Annual Meeting. We’re hot, tired and hungry and heading for the airport. It’s been a great convention, we saw history made, unity after debate, a younger generation emerge, and commitment to the beliefs that make us Southern Baptist.

We have a lot of work to do when we get back home putting together a special edition of the Illinois Baptist. Also look online for more convention follow-up.

God bless

Lisa Misner


Lisa is IBSA Director of Communications. A Missouri native, she has served at IBSA for 21 years.

6 responses to On our way home, see you soon!


    Thank you guys for your splendid job leading up to and during the convention. Get some rest well-deserved rest. I look forward to the follow up updates.



    We’ve missed you at the office. Thanks for your good work, as always.



    Great job on the coverage, guys. Very well done!



    Thank you Lisa, Meredith and Eric. You all did a GREAT JOB covering the convention.



    Thank you Lisa, Meredith and Eric for taking the time to go to the Convention and providing us with coverage of the meetings. Good work



    Thank you all for the posts. I enjoyed them, and look forward to more from you guys. Blessings on a safe trip back up here to Illinois!