David Platt: ‘Humbly discuss’ and ‘boldly proclaim’ Gospel

Meredith Flynn —  June 18, 2012
David Platt

David Platt, author of “Radical,” speaks passionately during the SBC Pastors’ Conference.

Alabama pastor David Platt delivered a blistering message this afternoon at the SBC Pastors’ Conference, touching on two hot-button issues emerging at this year’s convention: the debate over Reformed theology in the SBC, and true salvation and the “sinner’s prayer.”

Platt urged pastors toward a unified view of the “mystery” of salvation focused on true repentance.

“Who among us has a market on the mind of God? Who among the finite, flawed men in this room is able to fully comprehend the majesty of God and man’s salvation? Let us behold the mystery of biblical conversion. Let us not attempt to explain it away, and let us certainly not try to debate it away and in the process divide ourselves as the body of Christ.

Let us humbly discuss the things we do not know, things that have been pondered by Bible-believing Christians for centuries, and let us boldly declare truth that we do know, truth that has been boldly proclaimed by Bible-believing Christians for centuries.

We all in this room, all of us, we know and we agree, everyone who repents and believes in the Lord Jesus will be saved.”

Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.

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