Seeking brokenness in Chicago

Meredith Flynn —  November 19, 2012

HEARTLAND | Church planter Marcus Randle started Resurrection House Baptist Church with broken people in mind. A Chicago native and former social worker, Randle had never pastored a church before he started Resurrection House in 2009. Since then, the church has been reaching people in Chicago like Deidre.

“Life was a mess,” said Deidre, who was heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol. But she met Christ and people who cared about her at the church, and “I never in a million, in a zillion years, dreamed that I would be in the space that I am now,” she said.

See Deidre’s story in the video below, and go to for more.

Marcus Randle: Worth It All After All from North American Mission Board on Vimeo.

Meredith Flynn


Meredith is managing editor of the Illinois Baptist newspaper.